3 Battle-tested potty training tips to get you started right

toilet training tips for toddlersAlthough some time has passed since I potty trained my 2 boys, some, let’s call’em “hacks” still come to mind and I want to share them with you.

As I remember it, I’ve made a lot of mistakes with my first born, but the second time around I’ve had it down to a simple and easy process. It actually took me about 3 or 4 days to complete the toilet training for my second child.

Now, you might think it’s different from girls, but actually it’s not. In fact girls are actually easier to potty train. Really.

The most important advice I would like to share with you, and this is pretty simple but when it comes to potty training tips, it’s crucial.

I’m talking of course about timing. That’s right. Timing is essential here because it affects heavily on the outcome. This way, when your child is ready, you’ll also be ready.

Before you make any attempt you should have everything prepared and scheduled. This includes the activities which involve your child and you aswell as any interruptions which might occur. Very important.

Something else… no matter how you feel about using rewards, what I can tell you is that potty training charts really do work. They’re great as a reward for both girls and boys.

I said 3 tips, but hey if you want more toilet training tips for your toddler, just use this link to http://www.projectpottytraining.com, there you’ll find a lot of free advice on potty training children.

How to find Cheap Beat Headphones?

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Combinele frigorifice Samsung G series – cele mai bune combine frigorifice

Cred ca de mic copil am fost fascinat de combinele frigorifice Samsung 😉

Iata un video cu un frigider gasit pe Facebook care mie mi s-a parut interesant, sper sa va placa si voua…

Ei? Cum vi sa parut?

E vorba de noile combine frigorifice de la Samsung care desi sunt cam scumpe, dotarile cu care vin echipate fac sa merite toti bani.

Daca sunteti interesati sa achizitionati un frigider sau combina frigorifica puteti intra pe Frigidere Ieftine Gen, este un site cu articole despre o gama complexa de aparate frigorifice.

Noua Serie de Laptopuri Asus – The N Series


In acest scurt filmulet ce la gasit pe Youtube vreau sa va arat noua serie de laptopuri scoasa de cei de la Asus.

Sper sa va incante…

Cum vi sa parut?

Daca cautati un laptop Asus ca si cele prezentate in video-ul de mai sus sau poate doriti laptopuri mai ieftine puteti intra pe Laptopuri Ieftine Gen un site cu o gramada de articole si review-uri la toate marcile de laptopuri de pe piata.

Echipamente de Ski – Oferte 2013

Salutare, am revenit din nou cu un video, de aceasta data despre echipament pentru ski.

Sper sa va placa 😉

Daca vrei sa fi pregatit pentru iarna care vine, cu echipament ski profesionist vino pe Skiuri-Online un site unde vei gasi o gama variata de schiuri si echipamente pt schi la preturi avantajoase.